Thundercat Animates The Afterlife In 'Song For The Dead'


Our boy Thundercat happened to deliver one of the best EPs that we heard last year with The Beyond/Where The Giants Roam. It was so good that, just over a year later, the six-song set is still in heavy rotation. And that's also why he can release a new video from the set 11 months after dropping the set's first clip, which was for the funky first single "Them Changes." Teaming up with Australian animator Ry No, he delivers a clip for "Song For The Dead."

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The clip starts in black and white as we witness two wolves killed by what appears to be a gun happy cowboy. Rushing to be by their side, Thundercat reaches into the ether to join them on their journey to the afterlife. Everything switches to color as the trip begins, with colors swirling and images floating. And Thundercat floats along with his guitar narrating the journey with his hypnotizing song. "Close your eyes / Rest your head / You are dead," he sings. And while those lyrics are eerie, they are also somewhat comforting, helping the wolves (and maybe even us) accept the fate that awaits.

The animated video for "Song For The Dead" will air on Adult Swim during the late night network's programming block. Lucky for you, you don't need to wait that long. Peep Thundercat's latest animated masterpiece right here.

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