The Legendary Mathew Knowles & Blushhh Music Are On A Mission To Bring 'Old School Back'


Destiny’s Child is the biggest girl group in recent memory, selling more than 60 million records worldwide, slaying the spirits of countless fans and introducing the world to a little known artist by the name of Beyoncé. Now we're being treated to the fruit from that musical tree, as Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and their one-time manager, The Legendary Mathew Knowles, introduce their own girl groups. Beyoncé recently signed and released an EP from teen duo Chloe x Halle, and Kelly had a reality show, Chasing Destiny, dedicated to finding the new big girl group. Now it’s Mathew Knowles’s turn. However, instead of introducing us to just another singing group, Mr. Knowles’ new group, Blushhh Music, a multi-talented trio that can rap and sing, and are on a mission to bring that “Old School Back.”

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Composed of members Sunnai, Tali and Bunni Ray, Blushhh Music is on a mission to bring that real old school hip hop and R&B back, spitting their own brand of hot fire over the instrumental to Lil Kim’s “Crush on You.” Because “Crush On You,” is now considered old school. But in all seriousness, the group’s flow is reminiscent of legendary female rap artists such as MC Lyte, JJ Fad and Oaktown 3-5-7 with a dash of TLC, delivering lines such as  “Don’t ever question / The reason for why I’m flexin’ / Why yes ma’am can tell you the type used to bein’ less than / I can teach you a lesson,” with OG braggadocio.

The video, directed by The Legendary Mathew Knowles, has the feel of an old school ‘90s hip hop party. In the clip, the girls are riding around and stunting against a pair old school convertibles, cold rocking a party with their girls in the park at a live radio broadcast and ending the night getting their two-step on at the House of Dereon.

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“Old School Back,” while fun and nostalgic, also feels a bit gimmicky and karaoke-ish. There is no doubt that these young women are talented. They can carry a tune and deliver a hot 16 with equal aplomb and have personality for days. However, we aren’t sure if “Old School Back” really shows the potential of the trio. We’ll get a chance to see what the Blushhh Music can really do when their debut album, Old School Back Past, Present and Future, drops sometime this year. Until then, hit play and take a trip down memory lane with the new girl group on the block.

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