Latrese Bush Isn’t Afraid To ‘Sing About’ Love


Last year, Latrese Bush scored an international hit with “Because of You,” a soulful duet featuring Noel Gourdin. The romantic groove rose to the top of the UK Soul Chart and gave many their first introduction to the singer. Since then, the former background singer has continued to make strides in her solo career and gain new fans with her authentic sound and congenial rapport. And now, with the release of her newest single “Love I Can Sing About,” we suspect even greater things are in store for the South Carolina native.

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Like her previous single, “Love I Can Sing About” finds Latrese teaming up with an R&B crooner, though not quite in the way we expected. Ruben Studdard lends his velvet touch to the amorous jam, not with his voice, but with his pen. He co-wrote the song with good friend and singer-songwriter/producer Alvin Garrett (who also had a hand in “Because of You”). The Birmingham brothers (who also occasionally sing together) aren’t afraid to let their feelings show with lyrics like, “I’m so indescribably complete when I’m with you,” and “I’m so unbelievably swept up in your charm / Higher and higher on a cloud, just drifting away”.

While the lyrics are sure to put a smile on your face, make no mistake, Latrese is the true star of this Ernest Echols production. Her melodic vocals are infused with genuine warmth, to the point where you can almost “hear” her smiling as she sings. “I can’t help it. I am in love with love!” she says when asked about the motivation behind the song. “I have yet to attain the love that I write and sing about; but I patiently wait for and faithfully convey my heart’s desire. I believe that God will surely bless me with my own ‘Love I Can Sing About!'” We’re rooting for you, girl!

Whether you’re currently in love or still waiting, this breezy anthem is definitely worth a listen. Pick up a copy via iTunes or Amazon and follow Latrese Bush on Twitter and Instagram for performance updates and news on upcoming projects.

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