Get In The 'Moog For Love' With Disclosure's Surprise EP


It's been less than a year since Disclosure thrilled us with their sophomore LP Caracal. While absolutely adored it, we'd be remiss if we didn't admit that the set was a bit feature-heavy, at times turning it into more of a compilation album than an effort from the duo. If Caracal left you wanting more from the Howard brothers, then you've got it as the duo dropped a bomb on us with their surprise, three-song EP Moog For Love, which is sure to satisfy those wanting more Disclosure all by themselves.

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Moog For Love finds the fellas going back to basics. "BOSS" is a house workout, complete with hyperactive hi-hats, warped synths and distorted vocals contributed by Howard. For the last two tracks, they dig into the crates, dusting off a couple samples. "Feel Like I Do" borrows heavily from Al Green's "Still In Love With You," with the man himself allowing them to use the song's original stems, turning the breezy, soulful melody into a two-step worthy dance floor jam by adding swaying percussion and precisely timed edits as Al's church-reared falsetto croons. UK producer/DJ Eats Everything assists on the title track as they turn a short sample from George Benson's "Moody's Mood" into a scorching-dance track. Heavy-hitting kick drums, synths and hand claps swirl around the vocal and make you wanna shake something proper like.

Moog For Love is available for purchase now from all major music retailers, but you can stream the EP in it's entirety right here.

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