aboveDat & Jesse Boykins III Want You To Get Your 'Dance On'


EDM production duo aboveDat have teamed up with soulful crooner Jesse Boykins III to make sure your feet keep moving. For their collaboration "Dance On," it's clear that Jesse was the obvious pick to support the funky, electric track. We can envision his magnificent afro bouncing in sync to the beat as he laid his airy vocals on top of it in the studio. There are specific instructions in the lyrics if for some reason you didn't find it in the beat. "Show off your night moves / Do what you do / I can't make you / But the beat persuades / Forget all of your pain / And dance the night away,"  Jesse sings. With the bouncy beat and electronic flourishes in the background, the track is one that gets stuck in your head (in a good way), especially when the chorus hits and the beat indeed dances on.

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When aboveDat and Jesse aren't dancing, they're working. JBIII dropped a preview of his next album with the single "Losing You" back in April, and he's since been performing on the West Coast and putting in work for his upcoming album, Bartholomew. If you like the latest track from aboveDat, there's more where that came from on their SoundCloud, and we're curious to see what else they decide to let loose. Listen to "Dance On" below, and follow the instructions from aboveDat and Jesse Boykins III.

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