Watch JMSN Prove He Just Doesn't Give A 'F**k'


By now you know that JMSN is pretty much out of f**ks to give, but he's still giving his all in his latest video. He has quite a bit to be happy about since he just released his album  It Is. last week but his latest video may suggest otherwise. In "F**k U," the passionate singer dons a fabulous fur coat and turtleneck while giving us a piece of his mind.

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"F**k U" serves as the fourth visual and single from his album, following "Cruel Intentions," "Most of All" and "Hypnotized." The common thread in all the album's visuals (other than his talent) is his unforgettable dance moves. Starting in a dark house, JMSN — with whiskey in hand and a cigarette behind his ear — puts on for the camera. "Everybody's got something to prove / So, life's a struggle /And somebody's gotta lose, yeah / F**k u talking about?" he sings. The video ends with the Michigan-bred singer riding around in a truck and hopping out to take a soulfully awkward dance break in the middle of the street. The moral of this story, according to JMSN, is we're all going through something, so get over yourself.

JMSN is currently doing a two-step near you and spreading his gospel on tour in the U.S. through the end of June. He just added a second tour, which goes to Europe this fall — kicking off in Amsterdam in September and ending in the UK in October. You can pick up It Is. right now on Amazon or iTunes and watch the video for "F**k U" right here.

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