Tom Misch Puts In Work On His Latest Track 'Artist'


While summer is on our mind, with thoughts of food, friends, festivals, sandals and sundresses running through our heads, there’s something else on our mind that we still can’t escape no matter our best efforts: the grind. The grind is always around the corner to remind us that we can’t have our cake and eat it, too. However, we think that singer/songwriter Tom Misch may have found a happy medium with his funky track “Artist.”

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Starting with a tranquil guitar melody, “Artist” quickly transforms into a funky little ditty, with a soundbed of bass guitar, drums, handclaps and a few other synth flourishes and surprises. While the beat is enchanting, the music comes with a message. An unknown voice delivers a pep talk about the ups and downs of being an artist: “You have to love this thing, you have to love it and breathe it. It’s your morning coffee. It’s your food. That’s why you become an artist.” While the spoken word piece provides a reality check, the song doesn’t lose any of its charms. It’s a perfect groove to take it easy on a nice warm day or put a little pep in your step while you work your 9 to whenever.

“Artist” will be featured on the latest Spring in Jakarta compilation which will be available for free download later this summer, with actual cassette tapes available at select retailers. Until then, press play to get into the groove right now.

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