The SoulBounce Q&A: The Hamiltones Speak On Memes, New Music & Their Next Moves


The Hamiltones are coming into their own as more than Anthony Hamilton‘s background singers and viral sensations. They’ve earned our admiration and our respeck. The trio, comprised of J. Vito, Tony Lelo and 2E, have some big things on the horizon and they sat down to speak about it all with us in The SouBounce Q&A.

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The Hamiltones have put the soul in social media and they’ve trended their way to the top due to their talent and not because of any tomfoolery, which is usually the case these days. These guys are looking to take their newfound fame to the next level, from the stage to the studio. They can currently be found on Hamilton’s new album, What I’m Feeling, but they also have plans to release original music of their own, which is what everybody has been waiting on. In addition to music, The Hamiltones will make the move to another medium when they’re seen on the upcoming FOX television drama Shots Fired later this year.

In this interview shot on location in Norfolk, VA after performing with Anthony Hamilton on Mother’s Day, The Hamiltones open up to us about how they became Internet phenomenons, the breakout success of “Put Some Respeck On It,” their go-to dish at Cracker Barrel, their gratitude to AHam and their excitement about the future. Stick around until the end to hear them sing an original song made up on the spot just for SoulBounce and our priceless reaction.

Look out for more from The Hamiltones, because they’re just getting started.

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