Selah Sue Gives Us A ‘Reason’ To Hold On


Belgian singer/songwriter Selah Sue has made her name with singing and writing songs that strike a chord with anyone who listens. Her most recent album, last year’s Reason, was full of songs that did just that, none more so than the album’s title track. Now, over a year after the album’s release, she’s finally giving a visual to go with the powerful song, and it’s one that you definitely want to check out.

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She tapped Tim Erem, who has helmed clips for the likes of Rihanna and Major Lazer, for the emotional clip which takes a global look at people who seem to be at the end of their rope. Whether it be a crossdressing man in Stockholm, a grieving girl in Cape Town, a lonely woman in Detroit or a lesbian couple in Seattle, each is seemingly facing adversity that seems insurmountable. However, just like the uplifting message of Selah’s song, each finds a strength inside to keep pushing forward in spite of it all.

Speaking to The Fader about the video, Selah wrote, “In times of sadness, strong negative emotions, I’ll call out to my sense of Reason. It tells me to hold on and assures me it will get better in time. Because it always does. This song is written to myself and everyone else feeling hopeless sometimes. Reason, look at them and tell ‘em what to do!”

Powerful stuff. If you’re in need of inspiration or just want to see some inspiring visuals, peep “Reason” below.

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