Mali Music Wants You To Avoid 'Digital' Love


If you're looking for love in all the wrong places — including the Internets — then this song is for you. In his latest single "Digital," the always inspiring crooner Mali Music laments the lack of real love in a world made of pixels. On the uptempo track, Mali preaches about the pitfalls of social media, including the lack of respect for women in what's seemingly a loveless world. "Love ain't here no more, it's gone away / Now the love is digital, and it ain't the same / It's a virtual reality / That's cause you digital," he sings. He even adds digital effects in the instrumental and uses the vocoder on his own vocals to get his point across.

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You can easily get lost in the track, which can fit right into your party playlist, but don't miss out on the single's conscious message. There's still hope for all of us who actually want to work at achieving real love, we may just have to look past our screens. Mali's new single serves as the first release from his upcoming album The Contradiction of Mali, which he's set to deliver later this summer. While we wait to see what else Mali has for our entertainment, take a listen to "Digital" below and use your tech-savvy to get it right now on iTunes.

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