Lizzo Is Feeling & Looking 'Good As Hell'


Breaking up is hard to do, but not if you're Lizzo. The singer/rapper/future superstar is not here for shedding tears over any man or a relationship that's gone wrong, but she is quick to dust her shoulders off, flip her hair (or a middle finger), keep it moving and keep it cute in her new song "Good As Hell," which has gotten a fly video treatment to match.

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Lizzo is all about empowerment and encouragement on "Good As Hell." She opts to sing completely on this track and tells it like it is: "If he don't love you anymore / Just walk your fine ass out the door / And do your hair toss, check my nails / Baby, how you feelin'? Feelin' good as hell!" If those lyrics don't make you want to turn that frown upside down and put a little twist in your hips, the music video most definitely will. Lizzo and her woes are getting fly in the beauty salon and there is more than enough baby hair pumping, natural curls or weaves flowing and Black Girl Magic popping. Sistas of various hues rock all manners of hairstyles and nail art and Lizzo herself switches it up with a few haute looks.

Whether you need a little help getting over an insignificant other, need a reminder about the star you are or need a feel-good jam, Lizzo's "Good As Hell" is the new anthem.

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