Keke Wyatt Adds A Woman’s Perspective To ZAYN’s ‘Pillowtalk’


Now that she’s finally released her Rated Love project for our listening pleasure, not to mention gearing up for some summer tour dates, we would have understood if Keke Wyatt decided to take a break from her #KekeCovers series. Even more so because she blew us away with a special edition recording — a heartrending tribute to Prince — earlier this month. But the talented diva is keeping her promise, forging ahead with the monthly series and showing no signs of slowing down.

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Continuing her recent trend of covering young male artists (which she started with Jeremih‘s “Oui” back in April), she tackles another bedroom jam with “Pillowtalk” by former One Direction member Zayn Malik (or “ZAYN” as he prefers to go by these days). Some might think the former boy band heartthrob is an odd choice, but Keke has already proven that she can slay any material that comes her way. What is slightly odd, though, is the presence of a pint-sized cutie (Keke’s one-year-old daughter Ke’Yoshi Bella) while the singer croons about being “so dirty and so raw.” She does at least censor a portion of the lyrics, swapping out the f-bomb for the more socially acceptable “effing you.” Parental side-eye aside (no judgment, though), Ke’Tara once again puts her stamp on a popular tune, charming us with emotive nuances and flawless vocals.

While we wait for the next #KekeCovers video, check out this remix of her “Oui” cover (a mashup with Jeremih’s original), follow Keke on Twitter for updates on summer concert stops and visit your favorite music retailer for a copy of Rated Love.

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