Dave Hollister Shows Us The 'Definition Of A Woman' With A Little Help From LisaRaye


A little more than two weeks ago, Dave Hollister returned to give us effortless soul with his brand new single "Definition Of A Woman." If you could tear yourself away from listening from the romantic ballad long enough, you might have noticed that the beautiful woman on the single's cover was none other than LisaRaye. Well, that was no coincidence. The actress native plays Dave's leading lady in the just-released video for the song.

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The clip, directed by Nicole Blu, finds Dave doing what he does best — sitting in front of a piano and belting his heart and soul out in the name of love. But, this being Dave, it has to have a bit of flash, which is provided by his blinding bling and gold leather jacket. Outside of stepping his fashion game up though, much of the visual's action is provided by LisaRaye, who's featured in footage made to look like a home video of special day between two lovers. When then see the 48-year-old stunner at the piano with Dave as the two sit on the bench and make beautiful music together.

About his co-star and fellow Chicago native, Dave had this to say: "LisaRaye is a hometown girl, man, always been a beautiful spirit and she's so graceful and pleasant to work with. LisaRaye brought a warmth and a light to this video that only she could, and it was easy working with my homie versus a stranger, so...easy day for me!"

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Check out Dave and his homie exuding undeniable chemistry in the video below and look out for Dave's upcoming album The MANuscript, which will arrive in stores on August 26th.

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