Mayer Hawthorne Concludes His Film Noir Saga With 'Get You Back'


When we last left Mayer Hawthorne's video trilogy, the singer was in a bit of a pickle as he was staring at the business end of gun barrel wielded by a femme fatale. What was our favorite blue-eyed soul gumshoe to do? After a six-week wait, we finally get the answer to that question with the next, and sadly, last installment, the video for Man About Town's "Get You Back."

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The lovelorn song, which is another feather in the singer's throwback soul cap, provides the soundtrack as we get to the thrilling conclusion. The stick-em-up moment at last video's end proves to be a fake out, as the two of them burst into giggles. They then make travel plans for Hawaii and go get lei'd, so to speak. But once they return, things are once again afoot, with a goon coming to Mayer's office to take him out. Mayer, of course, survives the ordeal and sets his own plan in motion. What happens next is a shock for all involved and definitely an unexpected moment.

Oh, did you think we'd spoil the ending? Nope! If you want to know what goes down, you're going to have to press play below. And once you've gotten your film noir fix, be sure to pick up Man About Town, which is in stores now.

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