Brandy Gives Us The Down-Home Blues In 'Beggin & Pleadin'


Brandy might be involved in a lawsuit against her current label, but she's not gonna let a little thing like industry rule No. 4080 block her shine. She electrified us with her performance of her bluesy new track "Beggin & Pleadin" at this year's Black Girls Rock! and now she's giving us a set of visuals to match the track, which is one of the most soulful things we've heard from the veteran performer.

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Like with her BGR! performance, B-Rocka channels the down-home feel of the song's production and taps into a bit of inspiration from the film version of The Color Purple to become a boozin' blues diva who's taking the stage to air her grievances. While her performance hinted at Shug Avery realness, she takes it a step further for the clip, donning a similar red, sequined dress and gold headwear as she gets down and dirty in a juke joint that's positively jumpin'. The singer comes alive as everyone (including little bro Ray J) in the clip dons period appropriate duds (though, if we're being sticklers, more attention could've been paid to the hairstyles and the modern product placements are more than a bit distracting) and even ends the video with a sassy showdown between herself and a cutie who isn't man enough to deal with her brand new brazen attitude.

With her label woes, it doesn't look likely that we'll see a new album from Brandy in the near future, though her fans are definitely on the case and have even started a #FreeBrandy petition on behalf of their favorite singer. Until then, those on the Left Coast can catch Brandy reprising her role as Roxie Hart in a production of Chicago at L.A.'s Pantages Theatre starting April 26th. Oh, and of course, you can watch the video for "Beggin & Pleadin" right here.

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