ASH. Continues 'Chasing Destiny' With A New EP & Single 'I Know Who'


ASH., one of the breakout contestants from Chasing Destiny, Kelly Rowland’s show about finding the next big girl group, isn’t waiting on anyone to help her launch her own shooting star. While appearing on the BET reality competition show, the 29-year-old singer-songwriter is no stranger to the industry, performing as a dancer and background vocalist with Janelle Monáe, Stevie Wonder and Prince. She’s even got a much-beloved EP, The Perfect EP, to her credit. Taking advantage of her increased following and support, the starlet has released a new project, The Please Like Me EP, full of ‘80s-inspired songs. With the first single “I Know Who” giving us a taste of what’s on the EP, we just might have the first surprise banger of the summer.

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“I Know Who” is a fun, flirty ‘80s synth/down South bass ballad about trying to figure out if the one you like actually likes you back. Is it just in your head? Does the object of your affection realize they’re flirting or that they might have a crush on you, too? It can all get to be a bit much! However, ASH. makes the troubling experience sound like a walk in the park with her butter-soft, whispery coos that emote a combination of vulnerability and determination.

While her time on Chasing Destiny has come to an end, ASH. has definitely won us over with this mid-tempo tune. You can purchase “I Know,” along with the rest of tracks on The Please Like Me EP, on Amazon or iTunes.

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