AlunaGeorge & ZHU Are Out For 'Blood'


It was originally projected that we'd have our hands on a new AlunaGeorge record this spring. However, it seems that I Remember will instead make its debut sometime this summer. That's a shame, as songs like "I'm In Control" and title track "I Remember" had us ready to be shaking our collective thing no later than May. Not to worry, though, as the British duo is continuing in the steady stream of material from the set with the release of a third single, "My Blood."

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"My Blood" finds the electro-pop duo collaborating with ZHU to create a haunting, brooding little ditty. Though it seems musically ominous, it's actually somewhat in the vein of "Upgrade U." The subject of the song seems to be easily led, following blindly without realizing that he's getting played. But, if he wants to get with Aluna, she's gonna need him to make a few changes. "If you want my blood / Join me at the front," she sings. "If you want my love / You better come see me."

To get the single out to the masses, the duo has released it was an accompanying "visualette." It finds Aluna by her lonesome in a room only let by the sunlight bleeding in from behind the curtains. Though there's very little in the way of plot here, Aluna serves up brooding with the best of them, ending the clip with a dead stare at the camera as smoke curls around her face. Will there be more to this story? Maybe we'll discover that down the road. In the meantime, press play below to hear "My Blood" and peep the visualette.

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