Yuna Takes Us Along On Her Journey In 'Places To Go'


Yuna shocked us a bit when she teamed up with DJ Premier for her single "Places To Go," but then again, we always knew that the Malaysian singer was full of surprises. And now she surprises again with the gorgeous video for the single. Shot in breathtaking black and white, the clip captures the essence of the song and reveals a little bit more about the singer/songwriter.

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"When I was younger, I used to go to the airport with my friends," she says in the spoken intro to the clip. "We'd just sit there and dream about how one day that'll be us on those flights," she continues. "We're gonna be one of those people with places to go." The words are accompanied by images of the shadows of planes flying over a gorgeous landscape and Yuna looking to the sky. However, when the actual song starts, we get a slow-motion shot of Yuna running as the shadow of a plane passes over here. One would think that such a simple concept would read boring on screen, but somehow, some way, it lends itself to create one of the most interesting visuals we've seen come our way in a while.

If you want to go where Yuna's headed, pack light and press play to watch her captivating video for "Places To Go" right here.

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