Teyana Taylor Goes 'Undercover' In The '90s For Some Throwback Visuals


Just when we thought Teyana Taylor might be moving on from her The Cassette Tape 1994 project, she pops back up with another visual from the set. She previously gave us a sexy, sensual clip for interlude "Touch Me," and now she's back with a clip for secret lover anthem "Undercover." The song itself pays homage to Bell Biv Devoe with a hefty sample of 1990's "Poison" underscoring Teyana's adventures as a sidechick. She doubles (hell, maybe even quadruples) down on the '90s influence with a video that will make anyone who grew up during that time feel more than a bit nostalgic.

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She rocks many styles from the era, from a skin-tight leopard print catsuit and gold lamé jacket to spandex biker shorts to over-sized baseball jerseys and bucket hats, there is no '90s style left untapped. But rather than just dress the part, Teyana and her crew do something that many recent nods to the early '90s (including recent TV movie-turned-series The Breaks) just don't get right: they actually capture the fun of the period. She takes it to the streets and the club and even the basketball court as she and her crew of dancers bust a move and shake what their mamas gave 'em like it's 1991. And though no one featured in the clip could've been more than toddlers during the time, they make it feel authentic.

If you've been hankering for a trip down memory lane or have been jonesing for more Teyana, then you'll definitely want to check this clip out.

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