Rihanna Aims To Titillate In 'Kiss It Better'


Now that videos usually circumvent television these days, they're not necessarily beholden to those pesky network standards. This has, of course, led to a NSFW renaissance in the music video format. Swears are heard in their full glory, sex is implied as salaciously as possible, violence is R-rated and you might even catch a nip slip or four. In other words, it's a perfect landscape for someone like Rihanna. The bad gyal lit a fire with the winin', grindin', twerkin' video for the Drake-featuring "Work," and she's back with more and wearing less.

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Never one to slow down when there's an album to promote, the Bajan sensation continues her tour of titillation in the black-and-white video for her latest single "Kiss It Better." The slow burning pop jam is already a sensual number, what with lyrics like, "I've been waiting up all night / Baby, tell me what's wrong / You're gonna make it right, make it all night long." But never one to be subtle, Rihanna drives the point home with a solo show in the clip that finds the singer covered in the sheerest of fabrics (which do nothing to hide her tattoos, piercings or ample bosom). Wind machines on the empty soundstage blow her raven-colored hair and clothing about and she sashays around while doing her best seductive dance for the camera.

Say what you will about Rih's talent (or lack thereof), but she definitely knows how to catch the eye. Watch the too-hot-for-TV (and work) video at your own discretion. ANTI, her eighth studio album, is in stores now.

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