Rico Love's Got Quite A Lot Going On In His 'House'


Rico Love may have dropped his debut album Turn The Lights On just last year, but that doesn't mean that the end demand singer, rapper, songwriter and producer has cooled his heels any. Besides his work for other artists, the prolific 33-year-old has released a steady stream of loosies on which he gets pretty frank about his life and times (who could forget the pretty direct "S.A.N.D.S." or the Pusha T-featuring "Please"?). He continues the trend of open and honest songwriting with his latest release, "House," and it's a pretty interesting listen.

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Off the bat, we get a pretty good idea of where the record is headed with the prominent sample of Frank Ski's Baltimore club classic "Whores In This House." He utilizes the song's familiar vocal chant to help him weave a tale about the many different...umm...ladies that he has in his roster. And, just like Frank commands, he points them out as he names the different states, cities and locations where he has women at his beck and call. From North Carolina to Georgia, DC to Orlando, it seems Rico's roster knows no bounds, types or backgrounds. With a trap-like beat backing him, Rico's braggadocio also knows no bounds as he boasts about his stable, making it known that he's not above also snatching your chick if he sees fit.  Oy.

Honestly, the sample does a lot of the heavy-lifting here, as this particular narrative is one that's been put to song since the beginning of time and is a pretty heavily-used staple of modern day hip hop and R&B. As well, the production, while nice, is nothing to write home about either. But if there's anyone that can resist Frank Ski's public service announcement about just who's in the house, we have yet to meet them.

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Take a listen to Rico's latest below and, if you're so inclined, be sure to grab yourself a free download of the track while you're at it.

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