Reesa Renee Shows Home Is Where Her Heart Is On 'Guess Again'


It takes a special person to be a musician. You have to have talent, of course, but you also have to possess the emotional and mental strength needed to be away from home or your loved ones for long stretches of time whether you're holed up in the studio recording or going from city to city on the road touring. With those demands on time, people can feel neglected and relationships can get rocky. DMV-based singer/songwriter Reesa Renee experienced that push and pull when her music career started taking off and she found herself unable to balance family and music. From that struggle, the song "Guess Again" from her EP Lovers Rock was born.

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On "Guess Again," Reesa Renee lets her friends and fam know that her love and loyalty are real despite where she is or who she's with. The song is a family affair, with her brother P'Kay handling production on the edgy, guitar-driven track.

"Guess Again" gets a music video that follows Reesa on the road from one city on a map of the United States to the next. Footage of Renee chillaxing and having fun with her peeps in various locations is combined with scenes of her rocking out on an all-white soundstage that's seen on TV or iPhone screens throughout the visual.  All roads lead back home to Washington, DC, and the clip ends with a scene of her singing on stage in her hometown to an adoring audience. After this song and music video, there should definitely be no questions where Reesa Renee's loyalties lie. [H/T: YKIGS]

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