Rahsaan Patterson Has Us 'On A Cloud'


We've been feenin' for some new music from Rahsaan Patterson, and word has it that some newness might be on the way from the talented crooner. But before we get our hands on any of that, Rahsaan is more than happy to tease us with a little somethin' somethin'. This time he's taking us to the house with a thumpin' jam he's calling "On A Cloud (With The Love I Have Inside Of Me)," and like most things the singer touches, this one is definitely another must-hear.

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For this one, Rahsaan once again taps into inspiration from R&B hits past (like he did with "Forever My Darlin'"). This time, he looks to D-Train's "You're The One For Me," flipping some of its lyrics to create a melodic chant. But while we're always here for Rahsaan's vocals, they aren't the main focal point here. Instead, it's the pulsing, thumping production that chugs along like a finely oiled rhythmic machine. Riding atop the non-stop bass and percussion is a sweet synthesizer riff that mellows things out just enough for us to catch our breath while we sweat it out on the dance floor. Being that this is dubbed the "Fuzzy Uptown Mix," we can't help but wonder if there might be an original version that our boy is stashing somewheres. Only time will tell.

While we send a smoke signal Rahsaan's way for some clues, take a listen to "On A Cloud (With The Love I Have Inside Of Me)" right here and be sure to snag yourself a free download.

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