Jacob Latimore Travels To Another Time In 'Remember Me'


At 19 years old, Jacob Latimore is no longer a precocious little kid whose eyes are fixated on the spotlight. Instead, he’s evolving into a young entertainer who might soon rival some of his R&B contemporaries like Chris Brown with the release of the music video for his single “Remember Me.”

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The visuals open with a brief dramatic scene featuring an older gentleman sitting on a porch struggling to help the love of his life remember just how they first met. The clip then presents a flashback to 1976 and a Milwaukee, Wisconsin nightclub where a younger set of star-crossed lovers (enter Jacob Latimore and his female lead) dance the night away with their friends and eventually each other. Sort of a modern ode to the King of Pop, the scene looks very similar to Michael Jackson's pursuit of his leading lady in “The Way You Make Me Feel,” and at the first listen it might even sound like a track left on the cutting room floor from Breezy’s early years or Omarion’s best solo work.

His refreshing yet soulful voice is near perfection as usual, but if he keeps taking his musical cues from the greatest performer of all time, a grown up Jacob Latimore could actually outshine more than a handful of R&B cats who have failed to raise the bar in their last few album cycles. Watch Jacob in action in "Remember Me" and see if you agree that he has the potential to break out from the pack.

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