Eric Benet Tugs At The Heartstrings With 'Out Of Reach'


R&B crooner Eric Benet’s piano-driven approach to his new song “Out of Reach,” remake of Korean group Brown Eyed Soul's song "Did We Really Love" and a Korea-only release, is a much-needed ballad that tugs at the heartstrings of listeners the world over. Prior to releasing his next official single, "Sunshine," the beloved singer has returned with a hefty dose of heartbreak embedded in the lyrics of "Out of Reach," a universal love song that finds its main character reminiscing on the past realizing that it just may be too late to win the love of his life back. Sound familiar?

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Benet's voice is strong as can be and he glides through this nearly five-minute plea that reads like a journal entry. The emotion needed to carry this song to the top of the charts is definitely there to showcase his softer side, but what makes this an exceptional gift to soul music is that there aren’t many in the genre left to sing about the things Eric Benet seems to be conjuring up. While radio-friendly R&B needs a feature or guest rapper to aid in its ascent and soul often gets placed into an adult contemporary time capsule, there’s a chance for a simple love song like “Out of Reach” to actually make it to your eardrums, and ultimately your playlists, without any extra push or pollution.

Getting back to what makes his soulful presentation so sincere and honest, "Out of Reach" is something special for all those ladies and gents out there who might have a hard time saying what they really feel before something good slips away.

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