Electric Wire Hustle & Deva Mahal 'March' To Their Own Beat


Electric Wire Hustle delivered one of our favorite projects of 2015 with the six-track EP, Aeons. Taay Ninh's deft production painted a captivating soundscape of electro-pop mingled with futuristic soul, while Mara TK's silky vocals coated the album's contemplative lyrics with a throwback sheen. The Kimbra-featuring "Brother Sun" seemed to capture most of the attention, but a real standout for us was "March," a haunting nocturne blessed by the superb vocals of Deva Mahal.

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The fact that EWH chose to showcase the slow-burner as the album's sole video hints that the song holds a special place in their hearts as well. Even more telling is the fact that the visuals are directed by David Wright (bka Taay Ninh), choreographed by Mara TK and filmed closed to home in the New Zealand city of Porirua. As you can imagine, the duo's essence can be felt throughout the clip. Yet, the camera aims its focus on the track's collaborator, Ms. Mahal.

The visual rumination follows the Bounce-Worthy alum as she strolls through deserted streets under the dark cover of night. Looking quite the mystical deity, garbed in a hooded cloak and adorned with golden jewelry, the expressive songstress gives added dimension to the otherworldly requiem.

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There's buzz that Electric Wire Hustle is planning to drop a full-length album later this year. Deva Mahal has also hinted that she's taking a break from her Fredericks Brown duties to focus on a solo project. We'll most definitely be keeping our eyes and ears open for any updates on either of these potential releases. In the meantime, you can check out the clip below and get a copy of Aeons via Bandcamp or iTunes.

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