CeeLo Green Takes Us To Church With 'Sunday Shoes'


Yesterday was Resurrection Day, or Easter if you prefer, and houses of worship were filled to the brim with CMEs -- parishioners who only attend church on Christmas, Mother's Day and Easter. (You know the ones -- or might even be one yourself.) We're not judging, but it's a running joke whenever you can't get a parking space in the church lot or find a seat in the pew during services on certain holidays. Whether you fought the masses or attended Bedside Baptist, CeeLo Green has a new song entitled "Sunday Shoes" to keep that spiritual feeling flowing.

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CeeLo gets sentimental on "Sunday Shoes," reminiscing about growing up in the church and his mother and grandmother making him go when he really wanted to stay in bed and sleep. Being in church didn't stop him from taking a good nap, though. "While everybody's screaming and shouting / I got my best sleep in church / Cause I didn't want to go at all / Didn't want to know at all if the truth gon hurt," he recalls in the first verse. But Grandma Ruby wasn't having it. "Then my grandmother said / Boy, wake up / I think that he's talking to you / She said, wake up / God may have something for you to do," Green sings on the chorus about the family matriarch encouraging young CeeLo to shake that sleep off and get a blessing.

CeeLo posted this track to social media on Sunday, calling it, "A sweet lil song about humble beginnings. I was made a man by some very great women. I dedicate this one to Atlanta SUNDAY SHOES." This song is indeed sweet like pound cake and serves up a hearty helping of gospel-infused soul food with organ, piano and saxophone laying the foundation for his storytelling.

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"Sunday Shoes" is a special loosie from Lo. It's not for sale yet, but if you want somewhere to spend your coins, then scoop up CeeLo's 2015 release Heart Blanche on Amazon or iTunes.

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