Anthony Hamilton's 'Amen' Video Is Picture Perfect


As if we couldn't fall any deeper in love with Anthony Hamilton and his song "Amen," he goes and drops the music video for the track that has us saying "Hallelujah!" like it's Sunday morning and we're in the middle of church service. Pastor Hamilton and his first lady are far from the pulpit, however, as they give us an intimate look into their home and love life.

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Taking us from "the bed to the stove" just like he sings, we see Anthony and his beautiful lover spending some quality time together that includes frolicking in the bedroom and taking old school Polaroid pictures of each other. After working up an appetite during their morning photo shoot, they segue into the kitchen where they cook up a little breakfast and a lot more loving. From there, the two lovebirds take their show to the bathtub and Anthony bathes his woman down. Woo Lawd! Is it hot in here, or is it just this video? Somebody pass us a church fan to cool off.

We truly appreciate Anthony Hamilton for coming through with a set of visuals for "Amen" that provide a portrayal of Black love that is fun and playful yet strong and resilient not to mention sexy and sensual. Get into all of this goodness right now, and watch "Amen" right here while you count the days to Anthony Hamilton's March 25th release date for What I'm Feelin'.

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