Tisha Campbell Martin Reads For Filth On 'Lazy B*tch (This Ain't Gina)'


Sometimes you just have to abandon everything that’s expected of you, let loose and have a little fun. That’s just what noted actress/singer Tisha Campbell Martin has decided to do with her latest single and video for “Lazy B*tch (This Ain’t Gina).”

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If you were anticipating a strong follow up to September’s “Steel Here” -- both in content, vocals and impact -- this one isn’t quite the second helping, but it shows that Tisha is exploring all facets of her artistry. She’s taken a nod from the likes of Tamar Braxton, Beyoncé and most recently Erykah Badu to create her version of the trap beat/R&B blend on“Lazy B*tch (This Ain’t Gina).” However, Tisha adds a splash of comedy to the mix by referencing her famed television character “Gina” from Martin, the iconic '90s sitcom she co-starred in alongside actor/comedian Martin Lawrence.

The singer says the startling song title and perhaps its lyrics were inspired by an old encounter with another actress on the set of an undisclosed production. “I can’t help that I’m nice to people and I can’t help that I’m professional and I like to have fun,” she explained of the meaning behind the title. Just remember not to take her kindness for weakness because she can still turn up if she wants to.

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In addition to the familiar throwback in the hook, Tisha’s seen in the video continuing her studio work with multi-genre producer, singer and songwriter B. Slade, with whom she worked together seamlessly to perfect "Steel Here" with. In the video for “Lazy B*tch,” Tisha quickly learns she might have a hit on her hands from the surprise reaction amongst her crew (including bestie Tasha Smith) as they get a preview of the unfinished thumper. We’re not sure if Tisha’s full-length and as-yet-untitled album is going to have more of these rap-sung moments, but we’re certain she’s got a few more surprises up her sleeve before it’s all said and done.

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