The Mixologists: dj harvey dent's 'Love, Erro'


It's Valentine's Day weekend and if you live in the Washington, DC area then the hottest tickets in town are tickets to see Eric Roberson and Jeff Bradshaw live in concert all weekend. Two of their three shows are sold out, if that's any indication of the popular demand these artists are in to help set this weekend's love festivities off. But if you don't live in the DMV or didn't get tickets and still want to spend the weekend with Eric, then dj harvey dent has the next best thing for you with his latest Mixologists mix, Love, Erro.

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In case the name didn't give the theme away, Love, Erro is a collection of all Eric Roberson love songs. Yes, you read that right. dj harvey dent dug in the crates to sift through Erro's entire catalog to find all the slow jams that fit together like the perfect musical puzzle pieces for this mix. On Love, Erro you'll find solo joints as well as Eric's collaborations with other artists and favorites from "The Moon" to "Picture Perfect" and everything in between. This mix is just right for Eric Roberson fanatics (like ourselves) or simple admirers of the man's beautiful love songs. If you love Eric Roberson as much as we do, enjoy this musical valentine from us to you.

dj harvey dent Love, Erro [Download]

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Picture Perfect feat. Phonte
Full Crate & Mar feat. Eric Roberson - She Was Fly
The Moon
Right Or Wrong
Softest Lips
Just A Dream
Only For You
Mark On Me
Be With You
Head To Toe
Weekend Getaway
Do The Same For Me feat. Pop
H2o feat. Eric Roberson - I Dare U To Stay
When Love Calls
Jeff Bradshaw feat. Eric Roberson & Tweet - All Time Love (Studio Version)
Just Imagine feat. KING

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