Silk Is Smooth As Ever In Their Video For 'Love 4 U 2 Like Me'


Silk is back and bringing in the new year with fresh, new visuals for their single “Love 4 U 2 Like Me.” The R&B group has steadily reentered the music scene, first with their performance at the BET Awards in 2014 and then with their current single that dropped toward the end of last year. The track is from Silk's forthcoming album Quiet Storm, which will be their first major musical project in a decade. The video for “Love 4 U 2 Like Me” is a perfect reminder of what we can expect from one of our favorite R&B quintets.

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“Love 4 U 2 Like Me” is a throwback to the days when R&B was soulful, romantic and tastefully sexy. While Silk could've given in to the pressure to make a music video that's more in line with today's standards, they decided to keep it classy and clean, a decision that many of their long-time fans will probably appreciate. Most of the video takes place on a scenic bridge, where the group is singing their hearts out to a singular love interest. Everything from the color-coordinated outfits to the aerial shots of the group and the alternating shots of the lovely leading lady are reminiscent of '90s music videos, like Jodeci's “Cry For You” and Silk's own “Girl U For Me.” In an age of hyper-sexualization and side chicks, it's refreshing to see an old but simultaneously new take on a music video about love.

These visuals for “Love 4 U 2 Like Me” come just at the right time as Quiet Storm is set to drop on March 18th via Shanachie Entertainment. Hopefully Silk will drop another track or two before hitting us with the album, but in the meantime, we'll keep “Love 4 U 2 Like Me” on repeat to remind ourselves that Silk is always worth the wait.

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