Santigold Switches It Up For ‘Chasing Shadows’


Santigold burst onto the scene in 2008 when vibrant colors and over-the-top wardrobe choices were mere marketing tactics to make certain that a new female singer or rapper was noticed. That might have been necessary for her quirky brand of alternative hip hop, indie pop and soulful electronic grooves, but with the release of the visual for “Chasing Shadows,” this time around after a three-year wait, Santigold lets her art speak for itself.

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“Chasing Shadows” is the third single released from her upcoming album 99¢. With a catchy hook we’ll probably hear well into the summertime, Santigold rapidly changes aesthetics in the visual, but doesn’t overwhelm you with them. Instead, she plays up her variety of characters in different settings that complement the Philadelphia-bred performer’s lyrics.

In an official press statement, Santigold opened up about the inspiration behind the track and its video saying, “The lyrics weigh the value of going against the current to maintain artistic integrity, and the feelings of isolation and vacancy bred by a persona that is always ‘on’  and ready for a show.”

Santigold gives you a show, but only when she chooses to. With “Chasing Shadows,” we get another piece of the puzzle that is 99¢, due for release on February 26th.

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