Royce Wood Junior Helps Laura Mvula 'Overcome' With An Extra Dose Of Funk


There are many reasons why we're smitten with Laura Mvula's latest single "Overcome." It has an empowering message, features music legend Nile Rodgers (who contributes a slick, funky guitar riff that takes the song to new levels) and it also has one of the most visually arresting videos that we've seen in a good while. And now here comes Royce Wood Junior giving us another reason to love it. Laura's invited her fellow Brit to remix the track and Royce definitely rose to the challenge, creating an even funkier version than the original (and who'd've thought that would be possible?) for us to enjoy.

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Royce's take doesn't pull punches, as it hits you from jump with a heavy blow of synth bass. From there, the percussion, guitar and bass keep things bumping like a house party in Cali as Laura's vocals are chopped up a bit to create terse verses that guide us along the bubbling, bumping production. Of course, just like the initial take, Royce includes quieter moments that allow the groove to steep and build before ultimately returning to the familiar, exquisite main rhythm. In other words, this version is engineered to get you moving and most definitely succeeds.

You can take a listen to what Royce has done to "Overcome" below. If you're feeling it, you're more than welcome to pick up a copy on iTunes or stream it to your heart's content on Spotify. Laura's new album The Dreaming Room is set to be released on May 20th.

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