K. Michelle Spits Hot Fire For The Haters On 'Mindful'


With her latest loosie “Mindful,” K. Michelle is determined to be the best of both worlds all by her lonesome. And no, we don’t mean she’s gotten into yet another Twitter beef with yet another tour mate or random chick who looked at her the wrong way. But don't worry, she’s still talking s**t. This time around, K. Michelle is getting her Kurtis Blow on by laying down a hot 16. T-Pain plays hype man to K as she lets the haters know they need to fall back and think about their actions.

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“I’ve gotten into it with all kinds of hoes / Think about what you’re putting on the line, you ho / Probably all your money and time, you ho / You only got six seconds out mine, you ho / I’mma get mine fo sho / You got one mo time, you ho / So don’t be sorry be mindful, ho!” Alright then, Miss Pate. While the lyrics are incendiary, the production is actually pretty upbeat and melodic, as hand claps, piano keys and drums dance along a playful guitar riff.

“Mindful” isn’t the first time K. Michelle has flexed her MC skills. She also recently shared her own remix to the Yo Gotti hit, “Down In The DM,” where she exclaims, “Think this p***y made in China / I got great walls.” This generation’s version of Millie Jackson does have flow, but can obviously be a bit much when it comes to her very graphic use of language — which can be a bit off-putting. It’s not lily white, but you might like it anyway.

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"Mindful” is the first track on K. Michelle’s upcoming album, More Issues than Vogue, definitely setting the expectation of this album being business as usual, but with a slight twist. This release follows up her previous singles from the album, “Not a Little Bit,” and “Ain’t You.” More Issues Than Vogue will be released March 25th and will definitely shake a couple tables when it drops.

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