K. Michelle Gets Real With ‘Ain’t You’


By now, we all know our girl K. Michelle has More Issues than Vogue, and she’s definitely not afraid of sharing them with the world. We already got our first taste of the album with lead single “Not A Little Bit.” But K. rarely ever just gives us one little taste of her new projects, and she comes through with another sample of the new album in the form of new single “Ain’t You.”

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The song is what we’ve come to expect from K, with lyrics straight from the pages of her diary. Hi-hats stutter and delicate keys play as she details her feelings over more than a few drinks. She lets the object of her affection know that, though she could’ve been married many times over, it’s him that she wants. “I done dodged so many ceremonies, could have had 50 mill in alimony / Give you everything what you want from me, you know / Everybody’s got a testimony, like I used to f**k with your old homie / You the only one I keep 100 wit, you know,” she sings on the bridge, perhaps a little too honest (and ratchet) for her own good.

Take a listen to “Ain’t You” right here and let us know if you’re subscribing to what K. Michelle’s putting out. If you can’t wait to get More Issues than Vogue, make sure to pre-order the album from iTunes now.

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