Disclosure & The Weeknd Give Us A V.I.P. Remix Of ‘Nocturnal’


British house super duo Disclosure just dropped a remix to their own song “Nocturnal,” which features The Weeknd on vocals. The remix, dubbed the “Disclosure V.I.P” mix, accelerates the speed of the original track as they pump up the synth and electronic instrumentals. We didn’t know “Nocturnal” could turn into even more of a dance track, but the originators made it happen. The beginning of the single leads you to believe the producers want you to breeze through the song, but they keep the momentum building slowly. It’s not until the two-minute mark that they unleash the full barrage of instrumentals under Mr. Tesfaye’s vocals. Showcasing their versatile talents, along with the perfectly placed vocals, they end up with yet another winner on their hands.

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“Nocturnal” is from the the duo’s 2015 release Caracal, which found them flirting with R&B by including collaborations with crooners such as Sam Smith, Kwabs and Miguel. Their remix of “Nocturnal” leaves us wanting more re-dos from the talented producers’ portfolio. While we wait to see what they decide to drop next, listen to the remix of “Nocturnal” right here. Are you feeling the VIP treatment of their latest remix?

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