Winter's Chill Inspires DJ Jazzy Jeff & James Poyser To Create 'Snow Beats'


Winter Storm Jonas pummeled the East Coast this past weekend, leaving many of us with no choice but to hunker down and stay indoors for its duration and immediate aftermath. In times like these, everyone has their preferred method of passing the time, from "Netflix and chill" to experimenting in the kitchen to shameless hibernation. But for Philly creatives DJ Jazzy Jeff and James Poyser, being idle clearly wasn't an option. Instead, the falling snow served as inspiration to create Snow Beats, a four-track EP designed to keep our heads in a state of perpetual nod.

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The rhythmic partnership took all of four hours to churn out "Snow Symphony," "Snow Disco," "Bang Bang" and "More Snow." Though each track bears its own mark of distinction (i.e. a Nancy Sinatra snippet, harp trills, sonic effects), the one thing they all have in common is what makes the EP title so apropos: frosty beats, layered with icy keys and chilled synth. Whether you're still stuck in the house or making your way through barely-plowed streets, Snow Beats on repeat is a surefire way to mellow your mood.

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