We're 'Overcome' With Love For Laura Mvula's Gorgeously Artistic Visual


Laura Mvula's return is officially official. Just last week, the singer/songwriter graced us with her funky new single "Overcome," which, by the way, featured some slick guitar playing from music legend Nile Rodgers. As we're still wearing out the gem of a song on a daily basis, we didn't expect a visual to come from Laura's camp anytime soon. But, as Laura is wont to defy expectations, we should've known better. The talented Brit dropped a gorgeously stunning clip for "Overcome" today, completely blowing our minds in the process.

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The video, which is bathed in shades of black and gold, opens with a gilded cage rising from black waters as the song's opening harmonies play. Hooded figures then swoop in to release the shrouded figure that was in the cage, removing the white linen to reveal Laura herself, who then leads the dancers in a choreographed ritual. While we knew that Laura had musical talents, we didn't know that she could move so gracefully. Nor did we know that a video could so perfectly match the song's powerfully poetic lyrics.

Laura's new album The Dreaming Room is set to arrive this April and, if the song and video are any indication, will be some of her best work yet. Get into the breathtaking visuals here and be sure to purchase the single on iTunes.

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