Tank Sets The Bar High For His ‘Relationship Goals’


R&B crooner Tank is keeping his promo train on the right track ahead of the release of his upcoming album Sex Love & Pain II. Since we’re going along with him for this ride, he just released another song from SLP2, and if you ever wondered what a relationship looks like to Tank, he’s giving you a hint in “Relationship Goals.” The mid-tempo single, like his latest releases, is pure R&B and features Tank’s smooth vocals beckoning you to keep listening. “How bout we first start, tongue from the waist down / I’ma beat it up ’til you scream for another round / I’ve been working out, baby, feel all this power / Girl we all alone, let me hear ya moan louder,” he entices as he sings. In the chorus, he layers his vocals and truly makes you believe “this could be us.” With seductive percussion and Tank’s vocal range, you should only play this when you’re trying to set the right mood.

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With five tracks sampled thus far, we’re almost halfway into the steamy dozen Tank plans to deliver later this week. Along with his latest release, Tank also just started has his own label, R&B Money, a partnership through Atlantic Records, which we hope will debut some new and worthy artists. Until then, if you decide to pre-order Sex Love & Pain II on iTunes right now, you’ll get five tracks — “You Don’t Know,” “Better For You,” “Already In Love,” “#BDAY” and, of course, “Relationship Goals” — instantly. If you need some help making up your mind on that purchase, just listen to Tank’s latest right here.

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