Syleena Johnson To Share How She Transformed Her Body & Life In New Book ‘The Weight Is Over’


If you’ve been following Syleena Johnson‘s Instagram closely over the last several months or been blessed to see her perform live recently, then you’ve probably noticed some changes in how she looks. No, she hasn’t gotten any crazy plastic surgery and she’s still as gorgeous as ever, but there’s a lot less of her than you may remember. Since the end of September 2015, Syleena Johnson has been on a health and fitness kick and lost 50 pounds and counting. She has overhauled her nutrition (the singer has a nutrition degree and is a nutrition consultant), dedicated herself to an exercise regimen and is committed to a holistic approach to healthy living.

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Syleena Johnson plans to share her story in her new book, The Weight Is Over: My Journey To Loving My Body From The Outside In. Co-written with Amera McCoy, The Weight Is Over will detail how Johnson took back her life after years of yo-yo dieting with proper nutrition and exercise, two seemingly simple things that can be a struggle for many. Syleena will break down the science of it all and the formula that she found that’s worked for her that can help others, too.

Johnson isn’t alone in her weight loss journey, her sisters Dr. Syleecia Thompson and Sylette DeBois have made it a family affair and collectively they’ve dropped 125 pounds in the last quarter of 2015 alone. If that’s not an incentive to get up, get moving and get ready to buy Syleena’s book when it drops, we don’t know what is. Syleena is a keep-it-real soul sista in her music, so we imagine that her book will be just as authentic and relatable.

Syleena Johnson’s The Weight Is Over: My Journey To Loving My Body From The Outside In will be released in early 2016.


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