Raleigh Ritchie Breaks Free In His Music Video For 'Never Better'


With his combination of smooth R&B vocals and his indie/pop sound, Raleigh Ritchie has captured hearts of music lovers across the globe. But singer/actor has also amassed a huge following thanks to his role as Grey Worm on the popular hit TV show Game of Thrones. SoulBounce has been a fan of Ritchie's ever since he caught our attention in 2013 with his single “Stay Inside,” and now we're thrilled to see him combine both of this gifts in the music video for his new track “Never Better.”

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The song is a blend of melodic strings, drums and guitar, a perfect match for the melancholy lyrics in the beginning of the song. For the clip, Ritchie wakes up in a jail cell, singing, “Beaten within an inch of my life / I was my own victim / Tried out therapy / Kept getting hits in / All I saw was red light / Even my f**king therapist couldn't get my name right,” to set the tone. By the end of the first verse, Raleigh changes his tune, singing, "Then I met her / I fixed up, flew right, got my s**t together," as he gets up outta bed, straightens his jailhouse jumpsuit, puts a tie on and walks around London, performing day-to-day activities like taking the train and going to work -- all from the confines of his cell. It's clear that the cell is a metaphorical representation of Ritchie's feelings of isolation, even as he interacts with other people around him and has his eyes on a cute co-worker. Though the beginning of the song seems sad, it ends with Ritchie finding his freedom through love. He forces himself through the bars of apathy to protect his love interest, and the video ends with them running off together as Ritchie sings “I was lost, but I've been found.”

On a note on his Facebook page, the singer explained the meaning behind “Never Better,” sharing with fans, “'Never Better' is about meeting somebody that changes you for the better in such a profound way that you feel like you have a new life. It's about the person that picks you up in your time of need and makes it all okay.” The unique visuals complement his vision of the song perfectly.

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Press play below to watch the entertaining music video for “Never Better,” taken from Raleigh Ritchie's upcoming debut album You're a Man Now Boy, due to drop February 26th.

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