Lizzo Is Beautifully Human In The Visuals For 'Humanize'


Lizzo is larger than life in her artsy new music video for her single “Humanize.” The track is from her 2015 album, Big GRRRL, Small World, which examines the racism, fat-phobia and sexism that runs rampant in our society. The video for “Humanize” is a bright and bold physical representation of her tenuously optimistic track about opening up to accept affection and confidence.

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The Houston born rapper/singer is well known for her unapologetic attitude and unique aesthetic, and the video for “Humanize” artistically epitomizes this. Vivid primary colors and stuttering stop motion are sharp visual contrasts to Lizzo's soulful, airy vocals. Lizzo rocks a head full of bantu knots while posing against a bold blue background clad in a bright orange shrug that makes the singer look like some sort of beautiful underwater sea anemone. Other than Lizzo, there's also a couple in the video. They're physically distant, though the man seems to want to close the space between them while the woman remains standoffish. As the video progresses, the inherent optimism of the song becomes more apparent. Both Lizzo and the woman become more open and comfortable with their bodies and sensuality. Lizzo lets her bantu knots down and transforms into a bronzed, sparkling goddess while the redhead sheds her clothing and moves closer to her male counterpart. Both transformations reiterate the core message of the song. Though we may be insecure at first, either with our appearances or with ourselves, we deserve love and intimacy despite our perceived flaws.

The song's mantra, “Humanize me, baby,” is a call for body positivity and self-love. Lizzo addresses these issues in a statement on her website and points out, “My afro-hair, fat, muscle, bone and melanin are not a punchline —I was born in it, and I will proudly wake up in it everyday.” Her love for all the things society tells her she should want to change is revolutionary in itself and this is exactly what SoulBounce (and her fans) love about her. She is currently touring the United States with upcoming shows in Minneapolis on February 6th and Los Angeles on February 13th as one of the performers at the 8th Annual MojaMoja Brunch & Benefit Concert. Watch the video for “Humanize” below, and see why Lizzo has captured our hearts.

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