J*DaVeY Takes Us On A Musical Journey To The 'Center Of The Earth'


J*DaVeY introduced us to the Lite Wait Life last with a run of shows in their native Los Angeles and an EP of the same name. However, while we got to hear the newness that the duo was mixing up in the studio, unless you attended the LA shows, you were out of luck in actually getting a copy of the EP. But the wait will soon be over! J*DaVeY is set to release Lite Wait Life to the masses this Friday (January 15th) and just before they do, they're reminding us of the set's greatness with their track "Center Of The Earth."

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As we mentioned previously, "Center Of The Earth" finds the duo — consisting of singer/songwriter Miss Jack Davey and producer Brook D'Leau — giving us a hazy, dreamy feel on the verses as Miss Jack's breathless vocal pairs with Brook's organ-like synth production to lull us into a state of euphoria. But J*DaVeY rarely gives us nice and easy without mixing it with something a little rough. They do so once the chorus hits, switching the verse's softness for buzzing electric guitar and hard-hitting drums. The song continues playing with the balance between hard and soft until the end, finally climaxing into a soft, shimmery ending.

You can get lost in the ecstasy of "Center Of The Earth" right here. Once you recover from the bliss, be sure to  pre-order Lite Wait Life on iTunes.

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