Jacob Latimore Wants To Give It Another Try On 'Remember Me'


Jacob Latimore’s latest single finds him trying to convince his ex that he should get next on the R&B joint "Remember Me." The baby-faced crooner provides the perfect “baby, let's try again” song early in 2016 for all those who are trying to get that old thing back in time for Valentine's Day. On “Remember Me,” Jacob soulfully and boastfully prompts his old flame to remember that, "I can still light your fire.” A little cheesy, yes, but it’s a youthful and fresh take on such a relevant theme in many relationships. The slick Mel&Mus production is smooth, funky and will have your feet tapping and fingers snapping throughout.

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Following the success of his steamy single “Climb,” Latimore delivers yet another grown-up, sexy tune. The 19-year-old is certainly determined to shed his youthful image and redefine himself in the ever-evolving R&B genre. We'll see how he fares on his next project, an EP that he plans to release independently following his departure from his former label RCA. While we keep a look out for Jacob Latimore's next move, join us in two-stepping to "Remember Me" right here.

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