Hot 16: SoulBounce’s Best EPs & Mixtapes Of 2015


MNEK Small Talk EP [Review][Amazon][iTunes][Google Play]

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When we put together our list of artists who we wanted projects from at the top of last year, we had no idea that MNEK would actually heed our call. But the British singer-songwriter did just when he released his debut EP Small Talk. The six-song EP came packed with some of the singer’s biggest songs, from “Every Little Word” to “Wrote A Song About You,” “The Rhythm” and “In Your Clouds.”

But MNEK wasn’t just satisfied to give us rehashes of previous hits. He also gave us another hot-stepping dance number with “More Than A Miracle,” which had more than enough electro bump to keep us moving and grooving through the year. Then he flipped the tables on us with straight-up ballad “Suddenly.” The heart-broken love song described a chance encounter with love that turned out to be fleeting fantasy and pulled at our heartstrings.

Although we haven’t heard a lot from MNEK on the solo tip since Small Talk’s release, we find ourselves constantly revisiting the set in hopes that a possible full-length might be on the horizon sometime soon. — D-Money

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