Catch A 'Fleeting' Glimpse Of Mad Satta Doing Their Thing


While having a band's record on hand is always great, sometimes nothing beats being able to see them live. Such is the case with Mad Satta, one our favorite bands who also happened to release one of our favorite EPs of 2015. Their music on wax is amazing, but seeing them perform the tracks live is otherworldly. For those who haven't had the privilege, the group recently released a video of them performing at upstate New York's Daryl's House, the performance space owned by none other than Daryl Hall, and you, dear Bouncers, are in for a treat.

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The crew perform two songs in the clip, kicking things off with Break Me Free's  jazzy "Fleeting." Lead singer Joanna Teters' smoky, raspy vocal flows all over the warm instrumentation, filling the entire room as the horns, keys, guitars and drums come alive in response. Though Joanna doesn't move about the stage much, her voice makes a presence all its own. Soon, though, they shift gears to another jam, "Hands," which is neither on their album Comfort or their EP Break Me Free. Though we're not sure of its origin (and we hope it finds a home on their next effort), we do know that it's one doozy of a song. The sensual lyrics coated by Joanna's sensuous voice are quite inviting. Not to mention, the band lays down a soundbed that bubbles with erotically charged rhythms sure to entice.

If you haven't seen Mad Satta live yet, then this is definitely the next best thing. And if the performance has you itching for more, be sure to check their website for upcoming tour dates.

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