Adele's 'Hello' Gets Reggae & Go-Go Remakes


You've been sitting at your desk or snowed in in the house too long, so we're giving you a little dance break. The question is, do you want to wine or beat your feet? On the playlist today is perhaps one of the most remade and widely played songs from 2015. You guessed it, Adele's "Hello." Before you frown up your face after hearing this song everydamnwhere over the past few months, you haven't heard it sung quite like these two options we have for you -- a slow burn of a reggae track and an infectious, percussion-filled go-go single.

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Jamaican artist Conkarah and Rosie Delmah from The Solomon Islands say "Wah gwaan" with their harmonic and hypnotic version of "Hello." With visuals of Conkarah and Rosie playing and chilling on the beach, the song and video transport you to a warm paradise in your mind and heart. Listen to the harmonies in each verse and imagine Adele joining in to make a unique trio. After you've had enough sun and fun, take a flight to the nation's capital, where Washington, D.C.'s own Backyard Band has their go-go version prepped and ready for your next jam session. With breakdowns aplenty that you can grove and move your feet to, the track features powerhouse vocals and shout outs to various D.C. hoods that may have you shouting "What up, young?" at the end of it all.

We're not saying which version is best, but it definitely depends on if you prefer jerk or mambo sauce on your food. Listen to these two covers of "Hello" right here, and decide for yourself if you're feeling the reggae vibes or go-go rhythms more.

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