The Weeknd Tells A Twisted Tale With ‘In The Night’


It’s safe to say that The Weeknd is having the best year ever. The Canadian singer has gone from underground to mainstream at lightning speed and after nabbing seven GRAMMY nominations on Monday, it doesn’t look like his rise will stop any time soon. Cashing in on the momentum behind  Beauty Behind The Madness, he’s gone ahead and dropped the next visual from the album with “In the Night.”

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Like much of The Weeknd’s music, “In the Night” is a brooding track focusing on the seedier side of life. This time around, he turns his lyrical attention on the life of a down and out exotic dancer whose circumstances have led her down a wayward path. He cranks the narrative up to 10 for the stylish, neo-noir video, which was filmed to appear as if it were recorded on VHS. In the clip, the stripper (played by The Weeknd’s real-life girlfriend Bella Hadid) is kidnapped by some very bad men. However, it seems to be the bad guys’ biggest mistake as she and her friends exact bloody revenge, stabbing, suffocating, shooting and massacring their way through the video’s end.  Of course, The Weeknd is there through it all, singing in the rain as he tells the tale.

You can check out the very cinematic goings on in the clip below.

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