Take A Dive Into Brian McKnight's 'Uh Oh Feeling'


Brian McKnight is baring more than his feelings with his latest single "Uh Oh Feeling." In the visuals for the sweet R&B track, he turns up the heat and has to get a little wet to cool himself down, we're guessing. The 46-year-old crooner shows off his washboard abs in the video as he swims in his infinity pool at dusk and sings about the love that lights up his life. Just in case you didn't think things could get more wet, he gets in the shower to wash himself and sing more about that "Uh Oh Feeling." Perhaps our heads tilted a bit, wondering how low the camera would actually go, but despite basking in the nude the majority of the video, Brian actually dons a t-shirt in some very short scenes.

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"Uh Oh Feeling" is the first single from Brian's upcoming album Better, which he is set to release on January 29th. Along with the new album, Brian is embarking on a national tour to promote the project. Until we get some tour dates and cities, go ahead and pre-order his 12th studio album and latest single "Uh Oh Feeling" over on iTunes. And if you want to experience some of that feeling Brian's singing about, press play right here and let us know if you manage to stay dry or if things get a little, umm, wet on your end.

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