SWV Shares Their 'MCE' With The World


We live in a very instantaneous, microwave, here-today-and-gone-tomorrow world where even our crushes are disposable. We double tap a cutie's photo, share our #WCW or #MCM with our followers and move on to the next PYT the following week. However, every once in awhile there’s someone special who breaks through the clutter on our timelines and truly grabs our attention. Someone with whom we are truly infatuated. SWV explores their #potentialbae (in their heads at least) on their latest single, “MCE (Man Crush Everyday).”

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Over production similar to Janet Jackson’s “Funny How Time Flies,” the Sisters With Voices wax poetic about the undeniable good looks of someone who barely knows they’re alive. Well, except for liking their photo from 108 weeks ago. The trio lives up to their name with vocals that are strong, yet seductively pillow soft, with each member getting a little shine. Even the little rap towards the end is cute in a girl talk sort of way.

While SWV will no longer be gracing our screens on their much-loved but recently cancelled WE tv show, SWV Reunited, we can still look forward to the ladies gracing us with timeless music like this and their previous single, “Ain’t No Man.” The group’s upcoming album, Still, will arrive February 5, 2016. That’s enough time for you to get your words and your nerve together to turn your super crush into your boo thang and together share what's shaping up to be an incredible album as your soundtrack for Valentine's Day.

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